Aluminium Doors and Windows Vs. Wood

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For any homeowner, deciding on house additions and renovations will be a major time and budget issue. Things like windows and doors are important barriers for your home and ensuring they are functional while contributing to the aesthetic is an important ideal. Popular materials for this job include aluminium and wood; but what is the right choice for your home?

Let’s discuss what factors to consider when choosing the ideal doors and windows for your home, and compare how aluminium and wood meet these demands.


Of course, the budget is perhaps the most important factor homeowners consider when deciding how they should renovate their house. You need a product that will get the job done, but is also reasonably affordable, so how do the costs of wood and aluminium compare?


Between the two options, wood is typically more expensive than aluminium. This is because of the labor process, as well as the required resources. Wood is a natural resource that will need harvesting and regrowing, and considering environmental protections and quality of yield will require more time and effort. 

Wooden details will also require a bit more manual labor to fabricate than aluminium, so all of these considerations produce a higher cost for wooden doors and windows.


Aluminium doors and windows on the other hand, will typically run cheaper. This doesn’t mean the product is of less quality or less reliable than wood, just that the materials are much less expensive and the labor is more often relegated to machine processes. Aluminium is also an incredibly recyclable material, and so the process for retrieving is not always as intensive as wood.


Aluminium is usually the cheaper option between the two materials. If aluminium is what you end up going with, find a provider who sources high-quality aluminium, and can work it with a high level of craftsmanship. The cost goes further than just what you pay upfront however, and you will also want to consider what costs you will have to maintain your chosen materials. 


After your product’s installed, you want to make sure that your initial investment is worthwhile. This is why you should note the durability of your window and door installations. The cheaper price tag on the installation may be enticing at first glance, but remember to consider what you will spend in the years to come.

Just like any other area of a house, your doors and windows will require some form of maintenance; how much ultimately depends on which material you choose.


Wood is a desirable material because of its appearance. However, maintaining this appearance and the material’s effectiveness can be costly and intensive. To keep the look of the wood sleek and attractive, windows may require some repainting and refinishing in only a couple of years. 

This can vary with region and weather of course, but time and the elements will take effect eventually. Moisture is always a relevant issue—even a little getting past a seal and soaking into the wood products can cause damage to the integrity of your window or door installation.


Aluminium has an advantage here because it is highly versatile, having several uses due to it being lightweight and durable. It is more flexible and formable than wood, which means you may attempt more unique ideas than you would with a wood alternative. Also, compared to the maintenance you can come to expect with a wooden installation, aluminium doors and windows are often hailed as being “maintenance-free.” 

They have their own weaknesses—and extreme weather and other conditions will threaten any material—but in standard use, aluminium will be an option that requires little upkeep. The key thing to look out for is corrosion, but your installer should be able to give you tips that require very little intervention. For more information on aluminium doors cairns residents can rely on, consider looking into Capital Glass & Aluminium.


Appearance is important when deciding how you want to arrange your household, but don’t overlook durability in the process. Aluminium is regarded as a stronger and more versatile material, which provides an advantage when thinking about upfront costs and what you need to maintain the installation over time.


Let’s talk a bit more about how your chosen material relates to appearance. Style is an important factor for any homeowner, and you want to maintain a vision for your home as much as possible while providing for its efficiency and safety.


Wood is a very traditional offering, and the associated aesthetic is highly desired by many homeowners. It can add a certain level of prestige to your building, and so it can be considered worth the price and upkeep. There are many wood types and textures to choose from, as well as attractive finishes that many will want to tie the look of their home together.


Aluminium should not be overlooked when it comes to style and appearance, however. Aluminium is a more flexible material and can be shaped and formed into many different unique designs to perfectly fit your vision for your home. This aspect especially comes into play with unique options for aluminium windows. 

There are a variety of colours available, so they have their own range of styles as well. For more modern feeling homes, aluminium details have become the popular choice, as the aesthetic provided by the material suits a more modern sensibility. For a provider of Aluminium Windows Cairns residents can trust, consider reaching out to Capital Glass & Aluminium.


There is no objective answer for what material is best for the look of everyone’s home. You should thoughtfully consider what you envision for the final look for your home and explore the options available to you.

Aluminium vs. Wood, which is right for you?

With an understanding of what you need to look for when considering your window and door installation service, how do you make that final decision on what to choose for your home? Well, on top of these fundamental considerations, you should also consider the work of the provider of your service. No matter what the end goal of your installation is, your chosen service providers should be more than willing to help you achieve your vision for your home.

Remember to find a provider that adheres to Australian standards and utilises the labor of qualified and licensed individuals. It can be enticing to cut corners to save time and money, but the result could be disastrous. Windows and doors are not only how you keep the elements out, but also pests and intruders. Secure products with high craftsmanship are the best result you can receive for your project.

Capital Glass & Aluminium has over fifteen years of experience in this industry and should be considered when deciding on how to move forward with your installation.